Client Testimonials

When we lost our transaction coordinator last summer, I was afraid he’d be hard to replace.  Jim was recommended to me by someone I trust and once again she didn’t let me down!  Jim is thorough, thick skinned, reachable and responsible.  He keeps our deals on track and always has a solution for any issues we come across.  Plus, he is fun to be with!  I highly recommend the RE Paper Pro!

Jen Blanchard, Team Leader, The Blanchard Team, 5th Highest Ranked Team in BHHS Fox & Roach.  Basking Ridge Office

It has been a pleasure being able to count on you for specific tasks in real estate for my team’s business.  Your professionalism and continuous strive for excellence in everything is greatly appreciated.

It really means a lot knowing you are familiar with the BHHSNJ tools and services, and we are on the same page for what I am looking for.

Russell Williams, Manager, BHHSNJ Watchung Office Pinnacle Award Winner

I work another job and don’t have time to fill out contracts, or any paperwork. So, Jim is a great idea. Not only does he fill out the contract, & do the paperwork, but also with his experience he gives good advice. I like that I can go to my other job and don’t have to worry about doing the paperwork for my clients, because Jim does it all.

Niveen Youstos, Metuchen BHHSNJ Office

Working with Jim “Real Estate Paper Pro” to manage my transactions has streamlined my business, so I can focus on what I do best – providing my clients with quality un-rushed personalized service – AND have a life outside of work.

Sharon Gill, Montclair BHHSNJ Office Pinnacle Award Winner

Jim does an excellent job managing the paperwork associated with a transaction. From writing up an offer to adding in the closing documents – when I have asked Jim to handle transaction paperwork for me – I know that the file will be complete! I highly recommend Jim!

Jane Konzelmann, Manager, BHHSNJ Montclair Office

When we are at the height of high season or just having a busy day it’s nice to know that I can send Jim a note quickly, with just a little detail and know that things will get done.

Michele Chiles Hickman, Montclair BHHSNJ Office Pinnacle Award Winner

Where can you find a real estate assistant with over 20 years of experience who offers an a la carte service? Run, don’t walk to Real Estate Paper Pro and hire Jim Stefanile!

Sima Brason, Montclair BHHSNJ Office

Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Jim’s years of experience have made him an expert of all the possible details each deal can bring. There’s a feeling of security knowing someone is handling the paperwork while you’re driving from town to town with customers. I would highly recommend him.

Richard Bakos, Montclair BHHSNJ Office

I have been using Paper Pro to handle all my real estate administrative paperwork service for the past 2 years. I’m always extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. Jim is always able to complete all my paperwork quickly and efficiently, saving me a lot of time and hassle. I would highly recommend Jim’s services to anyone in need of administrative support!

Lisa Verhagen, Montclair BHHSNJ Office Pinnacle Award Winner

Thank you, Jim.  I am indeed blessed having you alongside. Thank you for all your help.

Thomas Mathew, Summit BHHSNJ Office

I have hired James Stefanile for several administrative and real estate-related transactions as a transaction manager, specifically with real estate paperwork where he has consistently demonstrated his exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to effectively manage and prioritize tasks.

James has been a reliable and valuable asset to my work as a Real Estate Agent and has always gone above and beyond to ensure that all paperwork and documents are completed accurately and on time. He is proactive and takes initiative to anticipate needs and solve problems, making him an excellent asset to my business.

In addition to his outstanding administrative skills, James has also displayed a high level of professionalism and interpersonal skills when dealing with clients and colleagues. His positive attitude and ability to communicate clearly and effectively have made him a pleasure to work with.

Overall, I highly recommend James Stefanile for any transaction real estate-related task. His exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and positive attitude make him an ideal professional to rely on for your business.

Daniella Diniz Montclair BHHSNJ Office

James has been my processor for more than 10 yrs.   He takes a big load off my shoulders since I am a bit technologically impaired, perhaps due to my age.  He not only keeps detailed files on every transaction, but uploads pictures on the MLS, creates and sends out postcards and commission statements.  I rely on James for every piece of information from preparing the contract or lease and submitting same to cooperating brokers or to attorneys. He submits my application for Circle of Excellence Awards yearly.  He is my right hand and has helped me be successful in what I do best, SELLING! I highly recommend James to do it all in the most professional manner!

Renee Spear, formerly of the Livingston BHHSNJ Office

Incorporating Jim, The Paper Pro, into my business is how I free up time doing (tons of) paperwork and use those hours to sell more houses. Jim has a tremendous amount of real estate experience that comes along with hiring him to manage my transactions. Jim is up to date with all the legal and procedural changes that occur and keeps me compliant as I focus my attention on marketing homes and keeping my clients happy.

Tiffany Booker, formerly of the Montclair BHHSNJ Office

Dear Jim: I just want to tell you that Real Estate Paper Pro has helped my Real Estate Career immensely. You are always ready to help, and this saves me so much time and angst. I’m in my car and the work is being done. It’s always accurate, and that means a lot. The services you provide gets 10 stars. Thank you for everything.

Susan Kruger, formerly of the Livingston BHHSNJ Office